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    On and Off Pump CABG Patency
    ON PUMP:  "...we use the flowprobe as part of our routine monitoring of the post-bypass patient. It gives us, intraoperatively, information about what's transpiring with each individual graft. It's information that you could not get any other way." E. Grossi, MD, NYU.



    Graft patency equals successful anastomoses. And just as other patient parameters are measured, graft patency requires measurement. Doppler ultrasound measures flow velocity, but velocity does not equal volume. Palpation is indicative of pressure, but flow cannot be determined with pressure alone. F.A.S.T. utilizes Transit-time Flow Measurement (TTFM) to provide you with measurements beyond the capabilities of Doppler ultrasound or pressure. With Transonic TTFM, you can measure and document your surgical success, giving you the peace of mind you need.


    OFF PUMP:  “...We believe that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that TTFM should be mandatory and adopted routinely in all CABG and off-pump CABG procedures to improve patient care and surgical results.” Leong, DK et al, Ann Thorac Surg 2005; 79:854-8


    Off pump cardiac surgery presents specific challenges: adequate anticoagulation, anesthetic management, apoptosis, suturing on a moving target, etc. One of these challenges, however, can be mitigated by utilizing Transit-Time Flow Measurements to provide immediate information regarding the volume of flow in newly anastomosed grafts. Utilizing Transonic TTFM, the AureFlo® Surgical-QA System lets you know if the graft needs revision before you leave the O.R. You can see the flow waveform on the screen and you can also engage Transonic’s unique FlowSound®. One octave increase in pitch is equal to four times volume flow. Now you can easily see and hear the waveform at the same time.    



    Flow Measurements are Valuable in Both

    While intraoperative flow measurement has become a standard quality tool in off-pump CABG, it is also valuable during on-pump CABG to predict the patency of the graft when the patient is taken off-pump.


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