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    Hemodialysis FAQ's

    Frequently asked Hemodialysis questions grouped in General, HD03, HD02 and Flow-QC Cardiac Output



    1. How often do Transonic Hemodialysis Monitoring systems (HD02/HD03) need to be sent in for calibration and why?

    2. Does the arterial needle always need to face the access flow?

    3. The Transonic User instructions tell me to repeat my access flow measurement to be certain that the results are accurate. What variations can I expect between consecutive measurements?

    4. How can the HD02/HD03 Monitors indicate Zero recirculation at a pump flow of 400 ml/min when access flow in reversed line position was only 350 ml/min?

    5. In screening my patient, the measurements indicated that there was no recirculation at a delivered blood flow of 400ml/min. However, the access flow was only 100ml/min at the same pump flow. What does this tell me?



    1. What operating system will the HD03 Administrator run on?

    2. When the HD03 Monitor displays “Hand Shake Command Fails to Echo”, what should I be looking for?

    3. Where is the signal strength indicator? How do I interpret it?

    4. What happens when I select a patient then press measure patient and the screen switches to reading sensor, it shows reading 1 of 4 then 2 of 4 then 3 of 4 etc.

    5. When I add a patient into the Monitor there are only a limited number of fields that I can fill in. Why is that?

    6. How do I update my Tubing List on my DTM?

    7. What happens if I lose my Data Transfer Module?

    8. My HD03 display changed to show “Please insert Data Transfer Module.” What should I do?

    9. Is it possible to synchronize a Data Transfer Module with multiple HD03 Administrator databases?

    10. What happens if I do not synchronize my Data Transfer Module with my HD03 Administrator’s database at the end of the day?

    11. How much schedule information is stored on the Data Transfer Module?



    1. Why does the message “AC ER” appear on the front of the HD02 meter when it is powered on?

    2. Why does the message “NO PR” appear when the HD02 Meter is powered on?

    3. How do I get the Latest HD02 Tubing list?

    4. How do I load the latest tubing list into the HD02 software?

    5. What reports are available to print from the HD02 Administrator?

    6. I did Transonic measurements today but cannot find them in the HD02 Administrator.

    7. Why does the message “To Monitor Patients Turn on Meter and Plug In Sensors” appear on the laptop screen or why is the Monitor Icon grayed out when I open software? (HD02 or Step – up – to 02)

    8. Why do the following messages appear when the Step – up – to -02 meter is powered on: “ No U- Sonic Signal”, “No Tube”, “Air in Tube”, “Bad Cable”

    9. Why does the message “Flow Sensor?” appear on Step–up–to- 02 when powered on?

    10. How often do the HD02 or the Step – Up – To – 02 systems need to be sent in for calibration and why?


    Flow-QC Cardiac Output

    1. Why do I need to use the Flow-QC® tubing set?

    2. Why do I need to enter the patient’s height and body weight?

    3. Do I have to enter pressure?

    4. Why should the pump be set at 200ml/min during Cardiac Output measurement?

    5. Why must the saline injection be pre-warmed?

    6. How can I pre-warm the saline?

    7. How should I inject the 30ml?

    8. Why is there a difference in reading between two consecutive CO measurements?