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    Flow Preservation during Aneurysm Clipping Surgery


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    Flow-Assisted Aneurysm Surgery Handbook


    Non-constrictive Charbel Micro-flowprobes® measure blood flow in major cerebral vessels during aneurysm clipping surgery. The probes use ultrasonic transit-time principles to directly measure volume blood flow, not velocity.


    Flow Preservation Steps during Aneurysm Clipping Surgery

    • Determine vessels at risk for flow compromise during clipping
    • Measure diameters of vessels at risk with a gauge. Select probe size(s) so that the vessel(s) will fill between 65% - 100% of the ultrasonic window of the probe(s).
    • Bend the probe’s flexible neck segment as needed to conveniently position the flowprobe so that the entire vessel lies within the ultrasonic window and aligns parallel to the probe body. As the flowprobe is being applied to the vessel, listen to FlowSound®. The higher the pitch, the greater the flow.
    • Measure Baseline Flows in all vessels at risk before clipping the aneurysm
    • Apply clip(s) to aneurysm
    • Compare Post-Clip Flows to Baseline Flows. If post-clipping flow is >25% less than baseline flow, readjust clip and remeasure flow(s).
    • When post-clip flows match baseline flows, document flows by depressing the PRINT button on the flowmeter and printing the phasic flow patterns for the case record.


    Flow Preservation during Aneurysm Surgery Protocol


    Flow Preservation during Aneurysm Surgery Video Case Example - Dr. Hanjani (18.4 MB)

    Cerebellar Artery Aneurysm: Case #100

    An illustrative case example demonstrating how flow-based aneurysm clipping of a giant cerebellar artery aneurysm guide the surgeon in obtaining a positive surgical outcome.


    Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm: Case #101

    Text to accompany video footage of anterior communicating artery aneurysm clipping. (Video available from Transonic support.)


    Carotid Ophthalmic Artery Aneurysm - Case #103

    An illustrative case example of measuring flow during clipping of a carotid ophthamic artery aneurysm.


    Internal Carotid and Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms - Case #104

    An illustrative case example of measuring flow during clipping of an internal carotid and anterior communicating artery aneurysms.


    Multilobulated Middle Cerebral Artery - Case #110

    An illustrative case example of measuring flow during clipping of a multilobulated middle cerebral artery aneurysm.